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Selenite Pendant

Selenite Pendant

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Selenite Healing Properties 

Mental Clarity - Protection - Peace - Tranquility -  Shield - Truth and Honesty - Cleanses ones Aura - Meditation - Calming - Boosts Intuition - Self Charging - Charges Crystals Around It

Benefits of Crystal Necklaces

Gemstones and crystals have many benefits which is why many of us try to incorporate them into our daily lives, one way do this is by wearing crystal necklaces. Your body and soul will benefit directly from the vibration coming from the crystals, especially by it being close to your heart.

Crystal necklaces have many benefits, some of these include making you feel more energized, getting a good night's sleep, and feeling grounded and calm throughout the day.



Chakra - Third Eye and Crown 

Zodiac - Taurus 

Element - Wind


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